Aurora Harvey

A former Red Mage-in-training from Mysidia, who became a recluse after an accident during an expedition to Mt. Ordeals. Her path met the one of a mysterious man called "Lucius", and her life was changed forever.


Author: Abyrae
Full Name: Aurora Lule Harvey
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: Undetermined at this time
Place of Origin: Mysidia
Height: Undetermined at this time
Weight: Undetermined at this time
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Amber
Occupation: Herbalist, former Red Mage-in-Training
Nickname(s): None
Appears In: 'Rae's Unnamed FFIV Saga


Aurora Harvey was a bright, promising student in the Magical Arts. Due to her natural talent in both White and Black Magics, the young Mysidian girl was assigned under the tutelage of the famous Sage Tellah. At the age of fourteen, she joined him with other Red Mages-in-training on an expedition to Mt. Ordeals to study the mystical energies surrounding the mountain. Little did she know that this expedition would not go as planned.

During one of the experiments, Master Tellah accidentally broke the seal on the powerful "Flare" spell, killing most of the students present. Aurora was one of the survivors, but was gravely injured, and no amount of White Magic could completely heal the severe burns that covered half her body. Tellah left Mysidia shortly after the tragedy, filled with shame and guilt, and Aurora would forever be scarred after that fateful day.

Growing distrustful of magic, and unable to bear with the constant looks full of pity she received, she left the city and settled in a small cottage in the woods. She focused on learning about the various plants of Mysidia and their medicinal properties for the next ten years.

One day, as she set out to collect various herbs to brew some elixirs, she stumbled upon a white-haired stranger wandering the woods. The man, who introduced himself as Lucius, spoke with a strange accent, and suffered from a bad fever. Aurora had no other choice but to bring him back to her cottage and nurse him back to health. To her relief, even if he could not help but notice the scars on her face, the man asked no question about them, and did not regard her with pity.

While unsure of his intentions, she found herself growing fond of him, and was quite saddened when Lucius mentionned he should continue his travels and left for Mysidia. Aurora was doubly surprised when he decided to visit her regularly, and after avoiding human contact for so long, even found herself craving for his companionship. Companionship slowly grew into friendship, and friendship eventually blossomed into love. Aurora learned to open up to others again, and with renewed self-confidence, was able to put her past behind. Lucius, who was in fact the Lunarian KluYa, in turn revealed his origins to her.

One day, she left for Mysidia with him, and never went back to the cottage. The two were married shortly after that, and Aurora gave birth to their first son Golbez the following year. A second son, Cecil, unexpectly came about ten years later. "Lucius" made a living teaching magic to young children in the Academy, while she continued harvesting herbs and creating various potions and elixirs for the local item shops.

But the evil doings of the dark Lunarian Zemus would put an end to their happiness…


Before the accident, Aurora was a bright, curious, and cheerful girl who made friends easily and always had something interesting to talk about. After the accident, she felt angry at everyone for how they looked at her and treated her, and quickly grew bitter, avoidant, and distrustful. Through her contact with KluYa, her personality of old resurfaced gradually, but she remained somewhat fearful of most magic users.

Motherhood was an interesting experience for her since her eldest son was the only one besides KluYa who looked at her not like someone who needed to be pitied, but like she was the most beautiful woman in the world.

Skills and Abilities

  • White Magic: As a former Red Mage-in-training, she was able to use most White Magic spells of the first and second tiers, but has not done so since she was fourteen years old.
  • Black Magic: As a former Red Mage-in-training, she was able to use most Black Magic spells of the first and second tiers, but has not done so since she was fourteen years old.
  • Plant Lore: She had a vast knowledge of plants and their various properties, both medicinal and culinary.

Special Items

  • Sickle: A small sickle made from Mystic Silver, used for cutting grasses and grains. Nothing special about it, she just liked it.
  • Wedding band: A gold ring, handcrafted by KluYa, with Lunarian Runes carved on the inside of the band. A silvery-blue gem is set into it.

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