Author: Maracate
Race: Odaenian
Gender: Female
Age: 32 human years, appears between 10 and 12
Date of Birth: October 18
Place of Origin: Addolidai
Currently Located: Meddon
Height: 4'5"
Weight: 67 lbs
Hair Color: Silvery-White
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Occupation: Princess
Nickname(s): Ashai, Ash
Appears In: Between the Worlds


Ash is one of the three children born in the royal KaLu line. During her fifth summer, her brother, Dem, dared her to touch one of the blackened areas of the forest. She fell to the poison and was very sick for many days before her mother was able to think up a cure for her. She broke her Spirit-bond with Korlera and Kay, in turn, formed one with Ash. The Spirit provides enough energy for her to stay alive. However, Ash did not come away unscathed. The strength of the illness took her voice and gave her hair a silvery sheen – the color all Odaenians’ hair turns when they are about to die of more natural causes. Her eyes acquired a tint of blue as well – a side effect from the bond.


Ash’s base personality was heavily influenced by Korlera. She enjoys practical jokes and being as far from normal as possible. She strives to prove that there is good in everything – even Humans. She is very determined and will stand up for what she believes in, often disregarding personal safety in the process. She can also be quick to anger, and is, like all Odaenians, terrified of Humans.

Skills and Abilities

* Magic: Ash is strong in Illusion and Vocal magics, and can cast some fire spells. She uses her Vocal magics as her everyday voice and, as a result, people tend to listen to every word she says. She has learned how to prevent that from happening.
* Music: Ash is, like any Odaenian, a very good musician, as music is considered the most important part of life. She can play several instruments almost flawlessly, and has an excellent singing voice, though it has a tendency to cause hallucinations if she’s not careful.
* Illness: Though she does not know it, the illness she had when she was little still plagues her. It is kept at bay by Kay, though the Spirit can only do this as long as Ash is wearing her necklace.
* Allergies: Like all Odaenians, Ash is allergic to meat. It causes hallucinations, a fever, and makes her act somewhat drunk.

Special Items

  • Pendent: a red stone necklace. It is the Bond tie between Ash and Korlera. Removing it brings back her sickness.

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