Arissa Magelline

Just a small town girl, thrown into a greater world, Arissa Somael Magelline wanders about aimlessly.


Author: aa-chan
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Date of Birth: September 22nd
Place of Origin: Regume
Currently Located: Giliam
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Soft Violet
Occupation: Freelancer Assassin
Nickname(s): 'Rissa, 'Rissei, Ari
Appears In: Bottled Epitaph, Aetherium Story


Arissa Somael Magelline started out as an RP character for a Forgotten Realms roleplay on AOL. This was ages ago (I was fourteen when I created her). I was obsessed with Forgotten Realms back then, and based her loosely off of RA Salvatore’s character, Drizzt Do’Urden, excepting the fact she was female, a half-drow, and wielded a frying pan instead of scimitars. She has changed since fourteen years ago, and holds different features than the ones she did previously.

Her bio is currently such:

Arissa was the fifth child born to Samuel and Rosetta Somael, the second-born in a set of twins. With violet eyes and dark brown hair, she looks nothing like her sister, Sarisa, who has coal-black hair, and dark brown eyes. Their old brothers, Nathaniel and Alaric, often joke that she is the daughter of a Cris’Manthi, magical demons who are despised the world over, and was obviously switched at birth. This joke has always been hurtful to Arissa, though, and she hates anyone who uses it against her.

Arissa grew up quite normally, despite not being able to use any magic (which the Council of Elders of Legume determined to be due to her birth as a twin – the magic that should’ve been hers was taken by her twin sister, who is a deadly sorceress). To make up for it, she devoted her being to the art of the sword from an early age, which was taught to her by her father.

When Arissa was about nine, her family entered the Second War of Giliam. Her older brothers had gone off to war, but were killed in action. Her parents had also received a call to duty, but were afraid for their daughters. They sought refuge for them in the Elder Council, which denied them sanctuary. Things looked bleak, until a man who held power on the council, known solely as “Breigan” took the girls in. After that, her parents were never seen again.

Breigan ran an underground resistance, which was devoted to stopping the war without fighting. Nonetheless, he taught the twins the art of killing. Arissa’s prowess with the sword grew as mighty as she did in age, and it wasn’t long before Breigan was sending her on scouting missions with the others in his group. Arissa and Sarisa were often paired together, being the “Striking Somael Sisters,” or “SSS.”

The missions lasted until Arissa was twenty-two, in which Legume and Giliam were finally at peace. Breigan’s attitude towards the treaties was dismal, much different than the vibrant man that had hoped for peace without bloodshed, and it wasn’t a surprise that he had sent Arissa one fateful afternoon to spy on a Giliam courier coming to Legume.

The mission ended in something of a disaster. A man had tailed Arissa to the base of the tree she was spying from, and would have claimed her life had he not taken notice of her violet eyes. While he was stalling, Arissa had lunged forward quickly in an attempt to wound him, but ended up twisting her ankle in the process. The man immediately took her back to his base in Giliam, where he introduced himself as Johann Magelline, captain of the guard to the king of Giliam, Elric XII. This surprised Arissa, who had never seen someone so willingly give out information pertaining to an occupation. Johann seemed to find comfort in Arissa, though, and somehow seemed to trust her. When she returned to Breigan that evening, she said nothing.

Arissa and Johann’s clandestine meetings continued for weeks, into months, until Sarisa finally noticed that her twin was skipping out on practices and meetings with the rest of the resistance. She confronted Arissa about it, who simply wiped it away at first, but balked and told her everything once the woman threated to tell Breigan.

A couple of years later, Johann finally came forward, and asked for Arissa’s hand in marriage. Arissa turned down his proposal at first, but finally agreed when Sarisa once again threatened to tell Breigan everything, including Johann’s occupation and ties to Giliam. Breigan blessed their marriage, but it was reported that Arissa ran away from the altar at first as a result of ‘cold feet.’

After settling into married life, Arissa and Sarisa finally broke away from Breigan’s resistance group, starting their own Assassin’s Guild outside of Legume. Arissa never let Johann know that she was secretly a killer, let alone someone formerly working for the resistance, which was on Giliam’s bounty list; she knew of the dangers it could put her now-husband into, social withstanding, and political, so she kept quiet, always claiming she was going to Sarisa’s house, or out to visit her parents’ graves.

One grave evening, Breigan summoned Arissa, claiming he needed her powers as a swordswielder for a project he was building. It was there that she met a true Cris’manthi – Rynelda – who was being treated as Breigan’s maid despite her young age. Arissa wasn’t one to argue with people, and simply left it at that.

In “Aetherium Story,” Arissa rescues Rynelda from Breigan’s clutches (when Breigan is defeated by Johann), and adopts her as her daughter, though, RP-wise, it has always been established that Johann found her on a morning tour of duty, and, to the chagrin of his peers, refused to slaughter her, entranced by her youthful demeanor.

Most recently, she is learning how to care for other people by taking care of her son, Samuel.


Arissa is definitely not the sweetest person to be around. She harbors an intense hate for the people of Giliam (despite her husband being of Giliam lineage), as they were the ones who made her parents and brothers "not return home." This hatred often smears her personality, making others see her as a cold, dark, scary woman. She can often be quite sarcastic, and disagreeable.

Skills and Abilities

  • Swordsmanship: Arissa is a skilled swordswoman, often called 'The Wielder.' Her swords are usually two-handed, and she prides herself on having little need for a shield. Not knowing any magic has put her ego far too ahead.
  • Innermost Connection: A bond that most twins share. Arissa can hear and see Sarisa's thoughts, though, she often wishes she cannot, as her twin sister is a seductress.

Special Items

  • Sapphiress: Arissa's prized posession, which has been with her since she was old enough to handle a sword. Originally belonged to her late father, Samuel.
  • Platinum Band: A wedding band, decorated with a ruby heart in the middle. Johann tried to have it enchanted with magic, so that she could cast by proxy, but the seal on her soul renders her incapable even in that state.

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