Arian is the daughter of Ranir, Creator of the universe, and Sylverling.


Author: Jenna Parrott
Race: Half Mysteria
Gender: Female
Age: Old
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Origin: Unknown
Currently Located: Somewhere on the Blue Planet, nobody knows exactly where.
Height: 5'10" Wolf form: 4 ft at the shoulders
Hair Color: Platinum
Eye Color: Silvery
Occupation: She scoffs at the idea of holding a profession
Nickname(s): The Silver Wolf
Appears In: Everything []


Arian is the daughter of Ranir, the creator of the universe, and Sylverling. For a long time she knew nothing of her heritage, but knew that it was hardly normal. She is gifted with knowledge and foresight and always knows when someone is lying. She is married to Ap’Noson and has a daughter, Zreti, as well as her adopted son Bier. She often talks in vague terms, much to the annoyance of those she’s talking to.


Arian is quiet by nature, though once she knows someone well she will gladly open up. She isn't fond of massively social situations, and will often go completely unnoticed when required or requested to attend them. Because of her extreme age, she often acts very maternal towards almost everyone. She has a light, open, and downright funny side that is reserved for family.
(I suck at these too.)

Skills and Abilities

Arian always know when someone is lying and is gifted with near-infinite knowledge and foresight. Her foresight comes in the form of multiple possibilities, any of which could happen, which is why she speaks in such vague terms.
Being half Mysteria, she can also turn into the animal her ancestors bonded with at will; the wolf.
Arian can also make use of magics lost even to most Enaid. Though she can use them for nearly anything, she prefers to use these forgotten magics for healing.

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