Anna von Muir (AaV)

Author: aa-chan
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Place of Origin: Mysidia
Currently Located: Damcyan
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 106 lbs
Hair Color: Pinkish-red
Eye Color: Dark blue
Appears In: Inter-Mezzo, Untouched, Wonder:Land

Main Biography

Anna von Muir is the only child of Tellah and serafina-mesiocite. Since her mother contracted a fever and died shortly after Anna was born, Tellah focused and showered most of his attention on Anna, making her a highly spoiled brat, but also a rather powerful mage.

When Anna was 22, she and Tellah left Mysidia to the lands of Kaipo, searching for new magic talent. It was there that Anna met, and fell in love with Edward Chris von Muir, the prince of the town's governing kingdom Damcyan, but disguised as a wandering bard. Tellah disapproved of their being together, determined that his daughter, a future Mysidian sage, shouldn't be in such company, and did everything in his power to keep them apart. Love prevailed, though, and it wasn't a surprise that she fled to Damcyan to be married, despite her father's wishes.

Inter-Mezzo Version

Instead of following the normal Final Fantasy IV canon, Anna's role in her death is reversed: instead, Edward shields her from the onslaught of arrows, and is mortally wounded. This sends her on a quest to learn the legendary spell, Meteor, in order to avenge Edward's death.

Inter-Mezzo Spoiler Information

Untouched Version

Tragedy awaited Anna in Damcyan. Golbez's Red Wing fleet bombarded Damcyan for their Fire Crystal, sparing no one in order to obtain it. Anna was mortally wounded when she covered Edward from an onslaught of arrows.

After encouraging Edward from Kaipo's lake, she moves on to the afterlife, eternally watching over him from afar.

Untouched Spoiler Information


As the daughter of the great sage Tellah, it's no wonder that she inherited his bad attributes: pushy, irritable, foul-mouthed, and short-tempered. As a queen of Damcyan (Inter-Mezzo), she finds that she has to force herself to be elegant and poised. Needless to say, she prefers the lifestyle of a mage much better.

Skills and Abilities

  • Red Magic: The ability to use both White and Black magic comes naturally to Anna, being born of the great Mysidian sage, Tellah. Despite being the offspring of a legend, though, it's surprising to see her be limited to second-level ("Ra") spells, such as Fire-2/Fira, and Cure/Cura.

Special Items

  • Wedding Band: [found in: Inter-Mezzo, Untouched, Wonder-Land] A brilliant ring encrusted with alternating rubies and diamonds. The ring is enchanted, and said to prevent "Pig" status.
  • Scepter: [found in: Inter-Mezzo, Wonder-Land] A queen's scepter with a ruby at top, and at its pommel. This doubles as a weapon, and conjures fire damage.
    • Damcyani Tiara: [found in: Inter-Mezzo, Untouched, Wonder-Land] A gold tiara given to Anna by the queen of Damcyan when she and Edward married. Said to reflect lightning.
  • Red Pendant: [Found in Inter-Mezzo, Untouched] An necklace from Tellah with a red stone hanging off a silver chain; the symbol of a father's love for his daughter. Said to reflect fire.


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