Anna von Muir (Aa)

Anna is the daughter of Serafina and Tellah, two prestigious magicians hailing from Toroia and Mysidia respectfully. Canonically deceased in her respective role, one oft wonders how the Red Mage Queen of Damcyan continually returns in (alternate) verse after (alternate) verse…

Author: Aa-chan
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 23 (FFIV Canon) | 40 (After Years) [Both are fanon speculative ages.]
Date of Birth: April 18
Place of Origin: Mysidia
Nationality: Mysidian
Currently Located: Damcyan
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Hair Color: Strawberry Pink
Eye Color: Dark Sapphire Blue
Occupation: Queen of Damcyan
Job Class: Red Mage
Nickname(s): Nadei
Appears In: Wonder-Land, Intermezzo, Untouched
Minor Role: The Priestess and the Pâtissier, Lapin Lazuli





Abilities and Items


Story Roles (Major)


Anna is one of the main heroines of the webcomic, Wonder:Land. She and Princess Daisy of Sarasaland team up to untangle the merging of their respective kingdoms by Zeromus, Culex, and Tatanga.


Anna's role in the Intermezzo webcomic is the starring plot. When Edward shoves Anna out of harm's way and takes the arrows meant for him, her life is instantly thrown upside down: what is a lowly queen without her king?

Story Roles (Minor)

The Priestess and the Pâtissier:

Anna has a very, very minor role in The Priestess and the Pâtissier. She is seen a few times in a random visit to Mysidia, torturing her son-in-law, Kamil, and teasing her grandson, Alphonse. She remains oblivious to the fact Leonora and Laney have traded places

Lapin Lazuli:

Anna has a cameo appearance in Lapin Lazuli. A few panels consist of her attendance with Edward and Harley at Kamil's and Porom's wedding in Baron (working plot as to whether or not she says or does anything other than that).


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