Anba Dram’sunka

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Author: Silver Goddess

Race: Aquarylos

Gender: Male

Whirll (Age): 131

Date of Birth: Whirll: 6937gc, Tidall: Floet, Day: 16th, Hospital: Dawnslite,

Place of Origin: Aquaryl, Wavesshockmard, Oceamqeall,

Currently Located: Oceamqeall, Kondledd, FrostiaTempests, Brewgtine Apartments,

Height: 6'0½"

Weight: It's Never Once Stated

Sexualities/Sexual Orientations: Rnoseas: Equivalent to being Queer.

Dexterity: Right–Handed

Hair Color: A Pale Yellows Gradient with some Applewood Green dyed streaks in the bangs

Eye Color: Honeydew–Cosmic–Greens hues

Skin–tone: Stardust Yellows

Occupation(s): Moonibells Resort Cevmew (Waiter/Server/Host)

Nickname(s): Has None (well, not yet….???)

Story: Aquaryl

Anba's Name Pronunciation:




Anba Dram’sunka is a fully grown up, lower class born, orphaned man who lives in Oceamqeall and works hard at the Moonibells Resort and restaurant in the Kondledd district/sector of the city. When much younger he was once told that his parents both died in a tragic accident while on their way back home from a more common local restaurant. He currently lives at the Brewgtine Apartment complex that's owned and run by Fauline Melle, a much older Aquarylos lady of the higher class originally. He is also good, close friends with Caiae Elisa, a coworker of his, and she currently knows what he dreams and hopes for in his future life ahead. Which is that he's currently is saving up for a place of his own one day and even has a dear beloved Cillipody pet, named Vesber.


For Anba here, he usually can be shy at times around others, double so on in expressing his feelings, but otherwise he's mostly a cheerful, happy, friendly, loyal and generally a caring kind person, especially to those he really cares about.

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A solid golden oval shaped locket: one that he's had since he was a really young child, it was likely left behind by his parents with him in their home where he was originally found by the authoritative figures who discovered him alone there back then all those whirlls (years) ago.

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