Amberyl Skysong

Daughter of the Lunarian MamoRu Ya and the Mist Dragon Whitemist, a lonely half-breed abandoned as a baby and raised a world away from home, she now wanders the Blue Planet in search of a meaning to her life.


Author: Jamie Carlson
Race: Half-Lunarian, Half-Mist Dragon
Gender: Female
Age: Unclear, but appears to be in late teens/early twenties. "I'm not sure I remember. The Magdolein never told me how long I was in Ether, in Earth years."
Date of Birth: Earth Caldenar June 1
Place of Origin: Born in Baron
Currently Located: Travelling the small Blue Planet, visiting the Land of Summon Monsters and Damcyan on ocassion
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 152 lbs
Hair Color: White with a bluish silver sheen that can appear metallic
Eye Color: Icy pale blue
Occupation: None
Nickname(s): Amber, Beryl, Yl, Lizard Lips
Appears In: Unnamed Final Fantasy IV storyline


Amberyl started as a an RP character to introduce into the Darkstar role playing game that Aywren ran. This was years ago (I was around 13 when I created her). She started out very awkwardly written, and didn't have much character. She was based loosely on the Amberyl from the Dragonlance novels, who was reportedly the mother of Raistlin's daughter, but later disproved as such. My Amberyl is vastly different, especially after years of developement.

Her backstory has developed as such:

MamoRu Ya was a Lunarian who disliked his own people, for they disliked him. Lunarians all have coloring including some variation of white hair and green eyes; MamoRu's eyes were red. He had some sort of genetic hiccup that changed the pigmentation of his eyes, and for this, he was shunned by a proud people.

He held the Ya name only as a distant cousin to FuSoYa and KluYa. He resented KluYa for his popularity, and although KluYa was eccentric; taken with the Blue Planet as more than just an prospective place to co-habitate with the humans, designing strange devices, and in generally having a head-in-the-clouds outlook (or so MamoRu felt), KluYa was stilled tolerated, whereas the color of his eyes outcasted MamoRu. Even worse, ZenKluYa treated him as family; MamoRu had long ago decided it was out of pity (although it actually wasn't).

When it came time for the Lunarians to sleep awaiting the day they would descend to the Blue Planet, MamoRu refused. He "borrowed" smaller ship that KluYa had designed for use alongside the Lunar Whale, and went alone to the swirling blue orb.

He wandered the Blue Planet for a few years, oblivious to the suspicious humans, as he was well used to being treated like an oddity. One day, he was washing his face and filling his waterskin at a clear pond near the entrance to the cave that lead to the Valley of Mist. There he met a rather surprised Mist Dragon who had taken a humanoid form. She was obviously not a human, with iceblue metallic hair, snow-white skin and those strange blue eyes.

The two were initially distrusting of each other, but travelled together in a world that neither were familiar with, as Whitemist had grown up in the Land of Summoned Monsters, under the close eye of her elders. They grew to love each other, and had a baby.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck, as it usually does. A Lunar Vampire, Kemesh Mi'Yamir, had found his own way to the Blue Planet. His purpose was to destroy all Lunarians upon that planet, in revenge for the death or Kirom, his brother. He stumbled upon Whitemist, home alone in the apartment she and MamoRu had in Baron, with their six-month-old baby, who they had named AmberYl Ya.

Kemesh murdered Whitemist and had turned his fangs upon the baby when MamoRu returned. Kemesh fled. In his grief, MamoRu returned Whitemist's body to the pond where he had met her, where it returned to her natural dragon form, then dissolved into mist. MamoRu left his baby there, unable to bear looking upon her, for he had not grown to love AmberYl; Whitemist had been his world.

Two huntsmen found the baby the next morning, sleeping in blood-drenched swaddling clothes. They took her to a midwife, who had birthed the girl and was able remember he name (Although she spelled it with a lowercase Y). The midwife raised Amberyl until she three, at which point Amberyl was found by a pair of wandering Etherials. These were a race of magic-users, who were intrigued by the orphaned girl, within whom a wealth of magic ability lived.

Positive that it was the best thing for the toddler, the two took the girl into their care as the midwife was ailing in health and could not keep up with the child any longer. They took Amberyl to Ether, their dimension somewhere within the Infinite Ways, and there they raised her and taught her magic and scholarly pursuits.

Amberyl had nightmares about a fanged creature covered in blood all her life, and eventually grew to hate to have her neck visible. She always wore turtlenecks as she grew up.

She had little interest in scholarly pursuits, but obeyed her foster parents. She came to be in tune with the Ways since Ether was constantly shifting in and out of various worlds (although she was forbidden from leaving manor she grew up in, which was run by "the Magdolein", some sort of elder of the Etherians). She eventually wandered off to the Blue Planet through a rift that opened up, and picked up a kitten. She was dragged back home by a dismayed Magdolein, but has always yearned to go back, as she felt a very strong connection with the place.

A young Etherian man (Vla'ty'iphan, who Amberyl usually just called V due to his difficult to pronounce name) had strong romantic feelings for her when she grew up. He was her magic tutor. He wrote her poems (he wasn't very good), but she didn't quite understand his feelings, and he was heartbroken when she left Ether.

Amberyl has never had full control of her magic.

She has been given many surnames, including Amberyl of the Unknown, which was given to her due to her lack of knowledge regarding who she is or where she comes from. She is later given the name of Amberyl of the Moon's Sorrow by the Ether when the Magdolein finds out what her leniage is. Skysong is the general name she uses when on the Blue Planet, and she was given the name Amberyl of the Sky by Vla'ty'iphan, whose bad poetry often talked of her sky-blue eyes and her favor of that color.

Amberyl is, for RP purposes, unaware of her relation to the King of Baron, nor is she familiar with the fact that her father is still alive somewhere; she assumes her family is dead. She wears a green pendant that was found near her by the two hunters.

In figment development with Syn, Amberyl actually DOES know who she is now, and has come to control her magic to an extent. She has met her father and they are coming to terms with each other. She has a sort of love-hate relationship with Zeb, and is rather fond of Klu Ya. She is a bit put off by Kory's attempts to be his usual perverted old scholar man self.

Most recently, Amberyl has been reunited with her mother, whom she had previously believed to be dead. This only applies to character development and is unlikely to apply to any role playing I do with Amberyl in the FFIV world. She has also developed a further understanding of Zeblog and can control her half-dragon form to some extent, but exhibits strong violent tendencies when she does so


Amberyl is loving, sweet, naive, and gentle. She adores animals of all types, and has a small kitten that she refers to as Cecil the Kitten, or CK. It has one blue eye and one green.

Amberyl is fairly trusting; all of her fear and distrust is directed at herself. She is constantly helping others in Ether, and is generally liked by her peers, although her being of a different race entirely is painfully obvious (most Etherians are nearly seven feet to seven and a half feet tall, with dark skin and hair colors, so Amberyl is like a short, shining white pillar of light).

Skills and Abilities

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  • Adapted Speed: Having been raised in a scholarly environment with little training in fighting, Amberyl has to rely on her natural agility and speed. She can run a bit faster than most people in sprinter's bursts, but will quickly run out of energy if she pushes herself too hard.
  • White Magic: Amberyl has a natural affinity for magic, and can use crystal materials - quartz and the like - with great efficiency. She has learned and has access to all manner of white and black magic spells, but unfortunately, she isn't very good at casting them. Especially when nervous or frightened, Amberyl will mis-speak the spells. Her most memorable error was attempting to cast a Thunder spell and casting Float or herself instead. Her equally memorable but most unpleasant error was when she accidentally cast Bio on her instructor instead of Cure.
  • Keen Eyes: Very sharp eyesight during the daytime (not long range, just clear). Her pupils dilate like those of a serpent's, and she is a sort of nightvision and can see the faint outlines of warm bodies in a sort of vague infrared, but she's usually to unobservant to notice them.
  • Shape Shifting: The only ability she doesn't muck up is shape-changing. She got this skill from her mother; she can change her form into any manner of small to medium-sized beasts from a sparrow to a horse. She cannot, however, take the form of any large or "legendary" beasts; she can usually only mimic the forms of day-to-day animals. However, she can't imitate their colors: she will always appear white with a silvery sheen and blue eyes. She also loses her clothes or damages them, depending on the form she takes, which can cause embarrassing run-ins when she has to change back. She can only keep the form as long as her magic ability can hold it.
  • Half-Dragon Form: Amberyl's biggest shame is probably her biggest weapon; the ability to take a sort of winged Naga form, altering her body into something between a human and a dragon. She doesn't have scales, but rather hide, and her skin is a luminescent white in this form. Spikes appear on her body, and she has little control of what she does when transformed; she is usually Berserked as part of the unconscious spell to change her shape.

She has only done this once, to protect herself from a band of thugs, who were aiming to get more from her than she was willing to give. She panicked, and killed them. For this reason, she is even more in fear of herself, and finds it even more difficult to use magic.

Special Items

  • Pendant: A pendant in a deep forest green color, which she was found with. Belonged to her father.
  • Earrings: A pair of delicate gold earrings in a rounded triangle with three teardrops hanging from the bottom. A gift from V before she left Ether.

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