Alyra Celestialia

Alyra Celesitialia is Raine Celestialia/Raine Firefield’s twin sister. Although in the canon story of Celestial Chronicles Alyra dies long before the first book even begins I have written many AU stories about her. Alyra, unlike her twin sister, is physically and mentally very weak, easily growing stressed, frustrated and angered which often drives her to illness. Because of the weakness of Alyra’s body she missed out on much of her childhood, spending more time in bed reading and listening to lectures than outside playing with Raine and her other brothers and sisters. Alyra’s weakness has made her bitter, but she is far too gentle to ever truly hate or cause harm to anyone.

Author: Raine E. Storms
Race: Tsurienmaie
Gender: Female
Age: 8 (29) when deceased (73, looking 19 in non-canon works)
Date of Birth: December 5th
Place of Origin: Jesai, Lunaria
Currently Located: Terrine, Kirls
Height: 5’ 7”
Weight: 98 lbs
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Violet
Occupation: Druid/Healer
Nickname(s): Lyr, Child of Light
Appears In: Celesial Chronicles, various AU works, some RPs


Alyra is Raine’s twin sister. The two of them grew up together in the palace in Jesai. Unlike her sister Alyra was quiet and weak, spending most of her time inside the palace being taught by tutors and reading books. Though she would never say it she was always a little jealous of her twin, who spent most of her time wandering town, playing the the local children, their older brother Kaine, and the head of the royal guard and his son. Alyra would watch from her bedroom window as Raine and Kaine rode horses or practiced swordplay. The one thing that Alyra truly had a passion for in her white lace prison was her music and her art. She was very talented playing flute and could paint some of the most beautiful paintings in Lunaria at a very young age. She was also very well trained in ettiquete and how to rule the court like her mother and father.

Celesital Chronicles (canon)
In the canon story of CC Alyra dies not long after Alessia claims the lives of the rest of their family. Raine was by her side at the time, in the stark hospital room Alyra was being kept in as her life slowly slipped away. Alyra, who had always been very weak, had been caught in the fire that had claimed their summer home, the thick smoke ruining her already weak lungs. Alyra may have survived if not for the sorrow of knowing that the rest of her family was dead. She did not even get to learn that her twin had survived before death claimed her.
Celestial Chronicles: Eclipsed (AU 1)
In my first AU story of CC Alyra is the only one who survived Alessia’s brutal attack on her family. Unlike Raine who was greatly changed to become quieter and more gentle by her family’s death Alyra grew violent. Over time she overcame her physical weaknesses, but only by driving herself to the point of near death many times. It took many years for her to finally calm down and learn about her true calling, the calling of nature and of healing. When she was 36 (appearing to be 16) she was taken in by the Eidirelle, an elven-like race, and taught all about the ways of living as one with nature. After being trained by them for many years she moved into one of their villages and became a village healer.
Celestial Chronicles: Beyond the Mirror (AU 2)
Beyond the Mirror is my second AU story about Alyra. In Beyond The Mirror Alyra, Raine, Kaine and Aria all survived Alessia’s attack on their family. Alyra overcomes her weakness after many years of gentle help from her brother and sisters. She quickly grows into an intelligent and graceful leader, taking place as the queen of Lunaria. She is a beloved queen as her mother was, loved and trusted by the whole kingdom, and many other kingdoms as well. She learns how to wield earthen magics and healing magics and uses them to better the lives of her people.


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Skills and Abilities

  • Growth: Causes plants to grow rapidly, and often live long beyond their normal life span.
  • Call Earthen Spirits: The ability to call plant and animal life to her aid.
  • Bloom: The ability to ressurect a dead plant
  • Light: Washes the area with bright, sun-like light. Destroys undead and fiends and heals holy and earthen creatures.
  • Soul Song: A soft song played on the flute which calms raging earthen beasts.
  • Mend: Heals minor and moderate wounds. If focus is prolonged can heal serious wounds.

Special Items

  • Oak Staff: A simple staff made from a branch from an oak tree. Increases the power of earth based abilities.
  • Celestial Crest: A small necklace of the Celestial Royal Crest. Features a golden sun with a silver crecent moon in the center.

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