Alnira Eyv'al

Alnira, the High Priestess of the goddess Faera. She's been around for more than three thousand years, serving as Faera's priestess even long after Faera gave up her existance in order to save Altheria.

Note: Alnira's name is pronounced- All-near-ah Aye-vee-all


Author: Raine E. Storms
Race: Tsurienmae? (was a Tsurienmae before Faera's death. However her and Faera's two high priests are not quite Tsurienmae anymore)
Gender: Female
Age: looks 11 (was about 60 when her time was stopped by Faera. Is over 3000 years old)
Date of Birth: February 7th
Place of Origin: Beviela, Lunaria
Currently Located: Fols (attempting to reclaim the corrupted lands)
Height: 4' 11"
Weight: 89 lbs
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Purple
Occupation: High Priestess of Faera
Nickname(s): Nira, Na Deija (A term of endearment used by Myros. Means "My Sister" in Althrisan, the language of Altheria's gods), Luraiel (This is what Faera calls her. It means "Winter Rose" and was Alnira's birth name. Alnira does not know that this is the name that was given to her at birth.)
Appears In: Celestial Chronicles and a few RPs


Alnira was a child prodigy. She was smart, and learned fast, as well she was very good at adapting to most situations, not to mention that she was very skilled with defensive magic from the time she was very young. Because of all of these factors, and the great respect she came to hold for the goddess Faera, she was accepted into the temple of Faera at a very young age. She learned quickly and rapidly rose in status from being just a cleric of being a priestess.

It wasn't long before Alnira had to grow up even quicker however as Despair's influence was starting to be seen more and more all over Altheria. Despair's corruption was twisting people, sometimes just twisting their emotions and their thoughts until they became violent and full of rage, and sometimes twisting them so horribly that they lost all sense of themselves and actually became twisted monsters which only wanted to destroy. Because of the strange situation Alnira rose up to being the only High Priestess of Faera at that time. Even at that time she was very mature and wise for her age, and she was able to understand the situation better than many of the adults around her. Faera had chosen her personally to help to do her work to destroy the growing corruption, because she knew that Alnira had a powerful destiny.

Alnira was there on the day that Faera fought Despair. She stood alongside the two High Priests of Faera, as well as a number of gods and goddesses as well as their chosen ones. Everyone fought long and hard, and put their all into destroying the growing corruption. Finally Faera managed to weave her power around Despair, killing her body and sealing away her spirit. But Faera knew what was to come afterwards and so she unleashed all of her power on the world of Altheria. She burned away as much of the corruption as she could, and then gave the remnants of her power, as well as her godhood, to her to High Priests, and to Alnira. From that day on the three became marked, each bearing a violet marking somewhere on their bodies of a faintly glowing butterfly. Those marks held fragments of Faera's power, fragments of a dead goddess. Faera disappeared and everyone knew that she was gone. She had given her life to save Altheria.

With the marks and the power Faera gave to her chosen there came a message. "With the power I've granted to you I have also granted you the ability to continue to carry out my will within the world. It is your choice if you wish to keep this power. If you choose to keep it your time will be stopped where it is, and you will become immortal, like the gods. If you choose to give up this power then it will move on to the other chosen and you may continue to live a normal life, as you choose. If you so wish you can give up this power at any time in the future. I understand the loneliness that comes with watching the world around you move on without you. I trust in you decisions."

Alnira decided to carry out her goddess's will and works in the world. There was still much to be done after the devastation that Despair as well as Faera's death had wrought. Alnira also felt that giving up that power would be like giving up on her goddess, which she could never do. And so for more than 3000 year she has lived in her 11 year old body, doing what she knew Faera wanted her and the others to do.


For the most part Alnira appears to be light hearted and loving. She loves all of the delicate things in life, and she enjoys taking in the beauty of each fleeting moment. Even though she knows that she could see most of the things in the world again and again she still doesn't take them for granted. Because as must as something remained forever, sometimes they might simply disappear without warning. She respects the fragility of life. She tends to live in the moment, and also tends to be quite free spirited. But she's not an air head, and she doesn't hold her head up in the clouds. When need be she is very serious, and calm, and can take control of a situation with ease. She knows how to keep her wits about her even in the most dire of times. Many people relate her to being like a wise old sage, knowing how to balance everything in their life.

Many people mistake Alnira for being naive because of the way she can see most anything in a positive light. But in truth she simply has the ability to see the light in all situations, even the worst, because looking on the bright side of things makes life a little more bearable. She does, however, see and acknowledge all of the ways things can be negative, all of the ways a good situation can turn sour. She simply doesn't voice those thoughts as much as she voices her love for all of the tiny fragments of light hidden in the darkness.

Alnira has a love for art, as well a love for culture and flora. She loves to travel the world and see all of the different kinds of people, and all of the different types of climates that exist. She often takes a sketch book and a pencil with her when she travels, and rather than making a journal of what she sees and hears, she draws out her impressions of all of the things she experiences.

Alnira also knows how to enjoy the quiet times she spends curled up with a good book.

Skills and Abilities

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Special Items

  • Mark of Faera: While not actually an item it is an important thing on Alnira's person. This mark not only marks her as Faera's chosen, but also hold a large fragment of the goddess's power. The power held within this mark has the ability to burn away Despair's corruption. It also makes Alnira immortal to a certain extent (if enough damage was done to her body, like being ripped apart, or burned to ashes, she would die, however sickness and normally fatal injuries, as well as old age, won't kill her).
  • Sapphire Willow Bracelet: Around Alnira's right wrist is a cuff bracelet, made of a material that looks like silver but is far sturdier, which hold three clear crystals which almost look like quarter sized drops of water. Within each clear, polished crystal is encased a piece of a Sapphire Willow tree. In the center of the bracelet is a round crystal which has encased within it one of the dark blue blossoms. To either side is a slightly more elliptical crystal, each of which holds a silvery leaf, the tips of said leaves pointing away from the blossom in the center. The blossom and two leaves are enchanted so that when their magic is activated the blossom and leaves disappear from within the bracelet and transform into a bo staff (though in truth is a bit thinner than a typical bo staff) made of wood from a Sapphire Willow.
  • Belt: Alnira's belt is made of plates of leather, each tipped with the same silver-like metal as her bracelet is made out of. It's held closed by a crystal, set in the silvery material, which has a butterfly symbol within it. There are also small amethyst-like crystals set along the leather plates. The crystals on this belt are all meant to help amplify and control Alnira's power. This allows Alnira to stretch her power out further so that she can help more people without becoming exhausted.

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