Alinara Celestialia

Alinara was once the queen of Lunaria, and is Raine’s mother. (she is also mother to Kaine, Alessia, Aria, Alyra, Jassellne, Marrne, and Viros Celestialia) Known to have been a benevolent queen and a loving mother and wife.

Author: Raine E. Storms
Race: Tsurienmaie
Gender: Female
Age: Deceased (was 383 ((appeared to be in her late 30s early 40s)) when she died)
Date of Birth: January 12th
Place of Origin: Jesai, Lunaria
Currently Located:

Height: 5’9”
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair Color: Black with some silver
Eye Color: Blue with some silver
Occupation: Queen of Lunaria
Nickname(s): Nara
Appears In: Celestial Chronicles


Alinara was born during a time when Lunaria was divided between 2 kingdoms, Jesai and Sixton. The splitting of Lunaria was a fairly recent occurrence, occurring during the time of her parents due to a misunderstanding which lead to the divide. Alinara was born to the royal family of Jesai however she rarely associated herself which her family. Her family had once been nobles in service to the Celestialia family, who had a terrible argument with them and took over the half of Lunaria where Jesai is located. When Alinara was 38 (appearing to be about 16) she ran away from home to live on the outskirts of a small village near the border between the two kingdoms. There she lived a simple life for a few years until one day she met a young man, injured by one of the radical factions of Jesai. She took him into her home and took care of him till he was back to full health. She had recognized him instantly but made no mention of it until after he had fully recovered. She explained her own situation to him, and he questioned why the princess of Jesai would come to the aid of the prince of Sixton. Alinara explained that she felt that Lunaria should be united, not separated like it currently was. The young prince, named Regale Celestialia, agreed with her views on their kingdoms, and their country. The decided to stay together, avoiding both their families and the radicals from both kingdoms in the small cottage on the border. They were able to live together for a number of years, getting to know each other better until finally their families found them. Both were dragged back to their respective kingdoms and scolded by their parents, locked in their rooms and told that they could never see each other again.

This, of course, did not last. Regale and Alinara both escaped one day to find each other again in the frozen northern lands. They encountered many dangers there but they didn’t care. They joined a group of people whom were against the separation of Lunaria, and worked with them to help break down the radical factions and once more untie the peoples of their country. It took many years but finally they were able to calm a large portion of the populace of both kingdoms. In the end they, along with many of the peasant people of Lunaria, overthrew their parents rule and united Lunaria once more. They were married in Sixton and moved to live in the palace in Jesai, much to their parent’s dismay.

Alinara and Regale created a kingdom based on honor, love and trust, and encouraged that any problems within society be brought directly to them and that they would deal with such problems themselves, no matter how big nor small. Because of the way they ruled the country they quickly became well loved by almost of the citizens of Lunaria. After a few years of ruling the created a family, training them not to be rulers of a kingdom but instead teaching them that they should follow their hearts and become whatever they wish.

Alinara and Regale were murdered by Alessia on March 9th along with the rest of their family except for Raine.


Unlike most Jesian people Alinara is drawn to the ways of the battlefield. It is common in Jesai for people to become healers, and although Alinara has all of the normal healing skill she prefers the ways of battle. She is strong and hardheaded, but also gentle.

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