Alexander Farren

[KJ: RS] A halfbreed and smuggler, Farren chooses to fight against his homeland for the sake of his family. Against his own will and better judgment, he becomes closely attached to Erylandes, the ascendant Aregese hero.


Author: KJ
Race: human, Tadreisian-Aregese halfbreed
Gender: male
Age: 30
Date of Birth: unknown
Place of Origin: unknown
Currently Located: Aregeist
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 190 lb
Hair Color: brown and white
Eye Color: blue
Occupation: soldier, former smuggler
Nickname(s): Skunkblood (derogatory)
Appears In: Rising Storm


Once a sailor and smuggler among the Tadreisian islands, Farren now longs for a peaceful life with his wife Mia and their young children. When the Red Coast War breaks out between Aregeist and Tadreis, Farren joins the Aregese side, fearing how his family would be treated in case of a Tadreisian victory.

Because of his mixed heritage, however, he is viewed as a potential traitor by both sides of the army, especially as Aregeist's army faces defeat. Erylandes, a newcomer to the army, looks past Farren's birth and claims Farren for his friend, more or less against Farren's will. As Erylandes rises in popularity and in the ranks of the army, he drags Farren along with him. Farren is the only person whom Erylandes ever confides in, a fact which often unsettles Farren.

After initial conflict, Farren develops an understanding with their Field Marshal, Inovar, both being family men and tired of war. He and Erylandes also form friendships with the officer twins Koreise and Kerida "Dida" Baymaker. However, when Erylandes falls in love with the Aregese princess, Schariel, Farren sees only disaster on the horizon.

Other events, that neither Farren nor Erylandes could forsee, leave Farren shattered and blaming his charismatic friend. When a lost battle and Erylandes' broken legs leave them stranded behind enemy lines, Farren must choose where his loyalties really lie.


Farren is slow to trust people, a factor both of his criminal background and the treatment he has received for being a halfbreed. To those he considers a friend, however, he is intensely loyal. He has an occasionally gruesome sense of humor and no hesitation about speaking his mind. His bluntness is sometimes welcome, and sometimes earns him even more enemies.

Farren is passionately in love with his wife, and daydreams about spending time with her and his children. Except for when he is with them or Erylandes, he rarely shows tenderness, believing it is weakness.

Other Notes

  • He shaves and dyes the white out of his hair while he is in the army to avoid being mistaken for a Tadreisian.
  • He is covered across most of his body with tattoos from his time as a smuggler.
  • He grew up an orphan, but avoided slavery; his wife was a slave before they met, and he is afraid of his children meeting the same fate.
  • He always wears a weathered seacoat over his uniform, which he received from his dying captain while a first mate, at the end of his smuggling days.
  • He is very good at the Tadreisian form of dancing, which is intense and aerobic.
  • He loves and is good with children.
  • On occasion, he washes the dye from his hair and spends time spying among the Tadreisian camps, where he looks like one of their own.

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