Aiden KluYa

KluYa, or Aiden, as he is best known, serves as the main Lunarian protagonist in the Bluestar Universe. KluYa traveled down to the Blue Planet, leaving behind the remnants of civilization known as the Lunarians to live a life as a servant traveling and studying the denizens of the new world. KluYa would go on to fall in love with a human woman, and have many adventures, before a darkness in his past would threaten to destroy the world that he came to love.


Author: Syntyche
Race: Lunarian
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown; At least 1,000 years spent in cryosleep, which resulted little in the way of aging.
Date of Birth: Unknown, Celebrated on 20 December
Place of Origin: Ya-Compound, Fifth Planet
Currently Located: Borderlands, Infinite Ways
Height: 5' 6" (168 cm)
Weight: 80 lbs
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Dark Green
Occupation: Tinkerer / Crystal Master
Nickname(s): Craterhead
Appears In: The Unwritten Bluestar Story.


Born of a dying world, KluYa and his brethren escaped the destruction of their home, the Fifth Planet. Looking for a new home, KluYa and his people traveled to the Blue Planet to settle, but found the civilizations of the Blue Planet still early in development. KluYa and his people took shelter on the Blooded Moon, a magical construction where his people could remain in suspended animation, waiting for the cultures and civilizations of the Blue Planet to evolve to a point where coexistence would be possible. For one reason or another, KluYa eventually traveled down to the new world before him in his ship, the Big Whale, spending much time studying, and secretly preparing humankind for the day that the Lunarians would be able to finally awaken, and make a new life for themselves. Although at first he expressed indifference towards humankind, KluYa found himself growing more curious about humanity, and eventually developing a great fondness for the inhabitants. KluYa aided and studied the people of the Blue Planet in often in quiet, posing as the servant to his friend, the Professor Koriro. Eventually, KluYa settled down, making Mysidia his home after falling in love with a human woman. He and his wife eventually had two children, Cecil and Golbez.However, KluYa’s life was not to remain in peace, for he stood in the way of the Dark Lunar Zemus’ plans of genocide against the human race. Diabolical and merciless, Zemus murdered KluYa’s beloved wife, and corrupted the soul of his eldest son Golbez. Although KluYa was able to weaken Zemus, the effort left him split from his body, trapped in the Crystal Cave of Mt. Ordeals.


In the Wayrift, KluYa was brought back from the spirit world from one of Professor Kory's dimensional shift devices. While he was delighted to form a relationship with his dimensional-son, Benjamin, he was surprised by the appearance and demeanor of his same-dimension son, Zeb (Golbez) Ya. Generally, KluYa tends to have better relationships with his sons of the Darkstar dimension. He tends not to want to become too involved in BSC's (Cecil) life, as Cecil has little of a familial bond with his original family, and instead has developed relationships with the Baronians around him. In the case of the Tu family, KluYa has a very good relationship with Kip, due to the fact that Kip has a good sense of humor, and they both share the same geekiness.


Being from a world very foreign from the world of the Blue Planet, KluYa is often very inquisitive of the ways of human society. While humans are still developing, he finds them refreshing in comparison to the sterile existance of the Lunarians. Just as much as he enjoys learning, he enjoys teaching, and secretly assisting humans in the advancement of their sciences and arts, careful not to push too much upon the developing minds of the civilizations of the Blue Planet. Occasionally, KluYa gets in trouble for slipping into moods of Lunarian elitism.

While KluYa is often seen as calm, and even-tempered; he is not of endless mental strength, and can be just as prone to anger and rage as his counterparts, especially when harm comes to those who he loves. However, that rage can often be quickly turned against those he loves, and so often, his mind keeps his emotions in check.

Fatherhood for the Lunarian has been a difficult experience. Growing up without a concept of a father, there is a sense of insecurity in his paternal decisions. A strong sense of guilt lies in KluYa’s heart, as he often feels like a failure in the eyes of his own children, no matter how much reassurance he gets.

Skills and Abilities

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  • Crystal Master: KluYa is a rare Crystal Master - meaning that he has the ability to create and manipulate crystals at the highest level known. This means that he is also connected to the crystals on the Blue Planet, and his magic strengths and weaknesses are linked to his proximity to each of the crystals.
  • Piloting/Engineering: KluYa is an adept at flying aircraft; particularly the Big Whale, which he retrofitted himself from an old Lunarian Refugee Ship. He's pretty good with fixing most Blue-Planet technology, and performing modifications on current ship designs.
  • Magic: KluYa is decent with both Black and White magic, but perhaps only adept with it on the second tier level without the influence of the crystals. While in proximity of one or more of the elemental crystals, KluYa's magic potential increases to levels capable of causing serious devastation.
  • Mindmagery: KluYa's mindmagery is somewhat unique. He tends to be more of a telekinetic than a empath, and in fact, most of his elemental magic is somewhat connected to his ability as a mindmage. This also leaves him susceptible to most things that harm other mindmages. It is important to realize that most of his ability is raw, and untrained, except for basic telepathy (known as mindspeak), which nearly all Lunars possess from an early age.
  • Fighting: KluYa is a moderately-skilled fighter - capable of defending himself at the level of a basic-trained soldier. He fights two handed with serrated twin spear-swords, turning and alternating attacks in a twisting dance.
  • Weaknesses: KluYa suffers from weaknesses related to his origins - Crystal Weapons and Dragon Iron both cause severe wounds when they cut through the skin. In addition, KluYa suffers from a vulnerability to many simple illnesses, due to the fact that the Lunarians have not developed a strong immunity against many Blue Planet diseases.

Special Items

  • Sj'kudwe: KluYa's twin, Lunarian lightweight spears, each with long serrated blades.
  • Flight Crystal: KluYa carries around this minor crystal, which powers the Big Whale.
  • Big Whale: The modified Lunar freighter which KluYa keeps submerged in the Mysidian seas. This ship is capable of interplanetary travel.
  • Beads: KluYa wears a set of seastone beads from Miran around his wrist. This is typically done by widowed men in the Mysidian culture.

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