Ace Cross



Author: Silver Goddess
Name: Ace Cross/Harvey
Nicknames: The Golden God of Alsatia, and Golden Kitty
Age: 25
Race: Immortal, Alsatiaiin Neko
Origins: Alsatia, The Green Light Dimension, White God Realms
Current Location: His own house
Eyes: Teal, with darker teal pupils
Hair: Pearl White, at first neck legnth, but later at his shoulders
Skin: Soft-ish Peach
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 176 lbs.
Build: Tall, A bit thin, and Slightly muscular
Distinguishing Traits: His smiles/laughs/purrs, deep love of kittens, is able to punch his hands through very thick walls of any kind, and being a super pervert but only towards Kalea and she's used to his antics.
Likes: Kalea Jade, Her body and voice, Reading/Watching TV on The Paranormal, Ancient Aliens, Roses, Cats, and Medieval Fantasy
Dislikes: Anyone who hurts Kalea, Theodore Darklore, Seda Raybrandt, His brother Alex, Spicy foods, and Alcohol/Durgs
Strong Points: Kind hearted, noble, smart, very calm, caring, loveable, and strong
Has Trouble With: Kalea, Butterflies, Milk, Fish, String, and Rounded objects
Dreams: To have Kalea as his eternal wife/Queen, Sexual Lover
Personality: Ace is sweet, cocky, very brave, loyal, caring, dependable, reckless, and really nice


Anthony Cross {The White God of Alsatia, father of Ace, Winged Alsatiaiin Neko}

Cecilia Cross "Hansen" {daughter of Thomas Odin Harvey, The Rainbow Goddess of Alsatia, formerly Sailor Rainbow, mother of Ace, Half Winged Alsatiaiin}

His Older Brothers

Kalea Pearl Jade

His Three Best Friends

Cid of Lufaine {overseer of the Great War, husband of Cosmos, advisor of Anthony, friend of Thomas}

Lord Trinity Cross {Older brother of Anthony, Best friend of Duke, Godfather of Theodore and prisoner of JoCeno and "HER", located in Duke's Mansion}

Toan Pendragon

Simba {Fairy/Spirit King, The God of Magic, knows of Ace and his whole family, friends of Seda and Thomas, worries about Kalea a bit}

The Mayor (Rorin Harvey) {mayor of Norune Village, friend of Dran, younger brother of Thomas, the source of guidance for both Kalea and Toan}

King Seda Raybrandt

Sirah Jingukashi {dear friend, ally of Cosmos in the war and Theo's admiration for strength, faith, and kindness, they are like Oil and Water to each other}

JoCeno {former friend of Anthony Cross, most hated enemy, Black God of Alsatia's Dark Realms, half brother to Seda, and ally of Chaos, a total asshole}

Personal History: Ace had lived within Alsatia's Realm of the White Gods and Goddesses. In fact his whole family, are the dominant Gods of the Dimension. But then one day a Great Evil Darkness crept into his peaceful home and sent his lover, Kalea Jade, into another dimension very far away from him. When Ace finally found her, he realized that she was disguised as a human (Solera Moonlight) during the events of Light is Eternity but much later on in White Cloud he found her within the White Light Dimension: Terra, home to ordinary humans beings with no magical powers or so he thought. Ace is always watching over Kalea and her friends, despite what he thinks of three of them and he has three normal human friends (Rick, Kevin, and Steven) of his own/works at his own very successful restaurant as the manager.

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