Rainel Celestialia

Rainel is a woman who has suffered far more than any one person should in their lifetime. Because of this she has become both strong and broken.


Author: Raine E. Storms
Race: Cherubim
Gender: Female
Age: 253 (looks to be in her mid twenties)
Date of Birth: December 5th
Place of Origin:
Currently Located: Arminport
Height: 5' 11"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red
Occupation: Warrior (likely swashbuckler or luckblade or something)
Appears In: CRO 5.0


Most people fear Rainel, because they can see in her eyes all of the pain she has gone through. She has seen a great amount of death, some caused by her own hands, most caused by the hands of others.

Physical Description

Rainel is tall and slender, but well built. She has long black hair that she usually keeps in a tight french braid. Her eyes are a dark, haunted crimson, which tell all too well that she's been through absolute hell. Her skin is pale, and scarred. She has a large pair of black wings whose feathers are silver on the edges. Her ears are just slightly pointed and her nails are somewhat claw-like in that they are thicker than a human's, and she usually keeps them well taken care of, though sharp as well. She has spiraling silver vine-like markings, namely under her eyes. She wears black cloth tights, a low-cut black (though sometimes dark red or burgundy) shirt, a black leather corset and black leather boots. She also wears a black leather half-skirt, which has what appear to be dragon scales around the bottom edge. She wears a pair of bracers, a gorget, as well as armor on her wings, which appear to be made of dragon scales as well. At her waist she wears a black leather belt, which has a few pouches of varying uses on it, a black lace fan, and her sword. Her sword is almost always at her side, and rumor has it that it's bound to her soul. The sword's blade and hilt are deep black, save for silver runes carved into the blade, and opals set into the hilt and pommel. The sword once belonged to her mother, Alinara. Rainel occasionally wears a black or red cloak which has the symbol of a sun eclipsed by the moon on it. She bears two prominent scars, one slash across her cheek under her left eye, and one 4-pointed sunburst-shaped scar over her heart.


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