Cwen Syrth

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Author: Maracate
Race: Fel'Cyth/Semi-Fallen Cubi
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown, looks about 20
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Origin: Unknown
Currently Located: The Scar
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 73 lbs
Hair Color: Reddish-Brown, But also Orange and Black as Fel'Cyth
Eye Color: Green
Occupation: Servant of Chaos/Assassin/Theif
Nickname(s): None that can be said here….
Appears In: The Goddess Apprentices


Cwen was born as a Fel'Cyth. During her life, she was the most infamous creature to have walked the known world. It is unknown how she died, but when she did, she was removed from people's memory and her race was hunted to extinction. Many years later (like, over 1,000 or somethin') Chaos discovered her soul trapped within a "God's Cell". He claimed her and granted her the form of a Semi-Fallen Cubi - partially so she could blend in with the newer races of the world, partially because Fallen Cubi are often considered to be incredibly stupid, but mostly because it seemed to mach her personality so well. Now revived, Cwen seeks to avenge the death of her race by killing… Everyone she can. Of course, her plans haven't been going so well since Chaos forced her to work with Vlad Davridge.


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Skills and Abilities

  • Weapon Make: She can magically just about any weapon she chooses. She prefers to make daggers, however.
  • Bombs: Small magical orbs that she makes. They explode by her will.
  • Fel'Cyth: A humanoid cat-like creature that she can transform into. It is her form of choice, yet she rarely uses it.
  • Wings: When she became a Fallen Cubi, she was granted half-wings. weather she can fly with them is unknown.

Special Items

  • Daggers: An infinite number of daggers up her "sleeve".

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