Clash of the Heoes parts I V

Follow the short girl known as Kikkia Jade Lacie and her very best friends as they try to deal with their super powerful enemy Duke: The King of Darkness and his two hateful right hand men Pyscho Keia, and Dica Dellaciio.

Author: Kikkia Jade Lacie


Eleven years ago when I was in the 3rd grade it all had started because of Dark Cloud, Sailor Moon, Final Fantasy and Inuyasha.


Clash of the Heroes is divided into five parts which are:
Parts 1 thru 2- Unknown but are both fanfictions.
Parts 3 thru 5- Is where ''the Readers'' first begin with the story, which is a hand drawn comic done by me.


Fantasy, Action, Drama, Romance, and Adventure

@Story Timelines:

Unknown, and trying to figure it all out still




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