I'm a daydreamer who likes to try to put down what I see in my minds eye on paper. I'm not good at summaries…Sorry about that. ^^; I've got two worlds under development at the moment. At some point I'll make the pages associated with that.

Author Information

Gender: Female
Contact Information: moc.oohay|yllil_gnosdniw_siednac#moc.oohay|yllil_gnosdniw_siednac
Web Page: [http://yllamse.deviantart.com]
Dimension Name:Yadrasol
Story Title(s): (Stella Somnium, {Incoming Title})

About the Author

Not much to say about myself. I have a creative spirit but I have a tendency to forget to finish what I've started. I live with my son near the "Magic Kingdom" and my two cockatiels are still alive. :D I'm currently working on a Psychology Major and might go for a creative writing minor.
I've been to a few countries in Europe and did get to live in Japan for two years, however it's good to be back in the U.S.

I leave you with wonderful words I wish to apply properly someday:
Viva La Tomatina!

Warning: This author is missing a few screws. It causes her to have a bit of strange behavioral issues.

Figment List

Yadrasol Universe



*Jayce Brigham
*Sigmund Hartin
*Jerald Trovai
*Galen Shem

That's what I got so far. Will update them periodically


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