I'm Woodwings, and I write in a world similar to our own, but in which there are organisations of people with superhuman abilities. I'll have to introduce my characters better when I have more time, as I have a number of them, and writing sufficient about all of them would take a while. I haven't yet decided what to call this world, or what country to set it in, but I already have in-depth plot arcs and character dynamics, so I think it balances so far. I may branch out into other worlds, probably involving mythology, but I haven't the time to do so yet, so it's just the metahumans for now.


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Gender: Female.
Dimension/World/Nation Name: Heroes of Amaranth
Story Title(s): Heroes of Amaranth: In Brokenness I Soar Homeward Bound

About the Author

I am interested in science fiction, fantasy, and mythology, and I am prone to writing along comic book themes. I am interested in science, and consider myself to be eccentric. I read pretty much anything I get my hands on, and I am fond of whimsical characters.

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Villains/Persons of ambiguous alignment

Neutrals/Ordinary folk

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