I'm just one of those many creators with too little time and too many ideas. I have been creating stories for my whole life, but seriously I have been doing it since year 1999. This figment list is most of all dedicated to my collection of stories named "the Blood of Kings".


Author Information

Gender: female
Age: 23
Location: Finland
Contact Information: moc.liamtoh|allerzniw#moc.liamtoh|allerzniw
Web Page: Just dream on!
Dimension Name: have to think about that…
Story Title(s): Taint of Exile, the Blood of Kings, the Way of Dreams, (there are two more stories at my homesite, but since they are on Finnish I won't mention them further)

About the Author

Will come back later…. untill then you can read this.

General Figment List

I just have to beging my list with Winzrella which is a character of mine and also ended up being my user name.

Chronicles of King Qirâc Figment List

I have a collection of stories under the title of "the Blood of Kings" and this year it turns 6 years old! This collection tells the story of a kingdom and it's kings. Qirâc is my personal favourite of all the kings and it also his chronicles which start this long collection. I'm hoping to get the first story "High-Sorceress" online soon enough.


Main Cast

Supporting Cast
- Whascique'ate

- Kun'arein

- The rest


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