Rejoice, my children, for Weomur has arrived! An amateur artist/author who never finishes her projects and has a macabre fascination with the paranormal.

WEOMURCAST: Nothin' goin down here in Weomurtown

Author Information

Gender: Female.
Age: Seventeen. Almost an adult, what is even going on here
Dimension/World/Nation Name: Myth, Khthon, Eudaimonia, The Galaxy (that's right, it's mine), and Gaius, to name a few
Story Titles: Ghost, Villain, Za'ti Rakkadan, Her Majesty's Monsters, and many more!

About the Author

Been lurking around the other Sygnus projects for a while, so some people might know who I am… suffice to say that I'm just some kid with a bad sense of humor and lots to crazy stories to tell.

Figment List


More to come later, this is an incomplete list.

World List


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