The following represents a somewhat incomplete list of figments played/written by Syntyche, the wannabe author of the Wayrift! Some of the figments in this list hail from the Bluestar universe — the universe where figments such as Aiden KluYa and Professor Kory come from. Several figments come from the Darkstar universe, sharing the setting with Benjamin Ya and other figments that come from the setting introduced in Coming of the Darkstar, by Aywren. Some figments crossover between worlds or are from other places amongst the Infinite Ways. Definitions tend to blur with several of the Wayrift characters which were created exclusively for the storyline that happens in present time.

Blue Star Figments


Major Figments

Minor Figments

  • Sir Highwind & Sir Farrell
  • Lady Farrell
  • Kain Highwind
  • Maximilian Minwa
  • Selwyn
  • D.W. (Drake's Wife)


Minor Figments

  • FuSoYa
  • Shape
  • Wun & Tew
  • Minwa


Minor Figments

  • Job of Baron (Deceased Firstborn Son of Drake)
  • Bernice of Baron

Darkstar Figments (Includes Transplants)


  • Leona Pollendina
  • Cid Pollendina


  • Zazo
  • Omakyn (Tu)
  • Shaun Archodys


  • Lugae
  • Simon the Lunar
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