The Silver Goddess

Name: Kalea Pearl Jade
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Height: 4'7"
Weight: 168 lbs.
Birthday: May 1st.
Location: The Rose Manor Castle, Yellow Moon Island
Home Dimension: Alsatia, Platinum Alsatia, White God Realms
Story Titles: The White Cloud Legacy series: Kammiea, Light is Eternity, White Cloud Legacy, The Great Dissidia Wars***

* **A story that belongs to, I'm drawing it as a manga for her and helping her with it to.

Figments List:

Kammiea's Cast:

Arc 1 ☆☆☆☆:

TaeLoiPenD (Aga): Klu's drunkard, sword using, cat loving, fun, loyal, strong, grandfather, best friend of Jack, originally from Alsatia's White God Realms, but, no one but Jack and Sam (also possibly Alice) know this fact.

King Jack Higurashi: ZeMus's father, Ze hates him, but won't say why, yet, Jack though is a musician and has powers over Darkness and Ice, loves the snowy/rainy/cold weather times.

Queen JanisRaa Higurashi: Jack's wife, Ze loves his mother very much, a good friend of Sam's, worries about ZeMus daily, knows of Jack's hidden secrets.

AliceLiiPenD: Lord Tae's wife, the priestess of Entity, is able to see the future, but differently from KluYa himself, is a free spirited young woman.

SamuelYoiKa (Sam Yune): Jack's best friend, lover, soul mate, ally and owner of Tae's favorite bar/grill/inn, he wonders if Janis knows about him and Jack sometimes, but is too scared to ask to her about it up front, he always makes Tae pay extra cash.

RaKeYoNai: A high blooded Kammiian and a well known builder and architect, who lives in The City Seg 2: CroSa, whose skills are that of an artist's, on par with Noi himself. Good friends with Tae, Jack, and Sam, but sometimes worries a lot when something minor happens to his friends and family for little to no reason. Half of the time, he always seems to be right. He has a deep love for White Kammiian dragons.

XaiLuneNai: RaKe's wife and friend of AliceLii and JanisRaa, she loves dancing to the music Jack makes and is a great gardener, speciality: flowers, strawberries and blueberries.

The Entity of Old Times: The Old Goddess of Tae's "Godparents's" long forgotten destroyed home world, still looking after him even though she's become weak over the many many long years since then, giving aid when needed.

Lordess LacRiShea: An unknown strange woman with an odd colored skin tone and eyes, who's after Tae and Jack for reasons unknown yet only to herself or so she still thinks.

KohSaiXeeTa: An odd man with strange powers connected to very deep Shadow Magics, who is after LacRiShea, but only he knows why, who, and what she really is/comes from/what powers she actually holds, is considered a weirdo by the others of the island.

The Mysterious Male (Stephano in disguise as a High Blooded Watcher): A Kammiian who appears to be of 'High Blooded' origins and has strong fire magics and appears to know Lord TaeLoi, but no knows where he came or who he really is, he just appeared one day as if from nowhere, in a bright light.

Arc 2 ♢♢♢♢:

Lady Rose RedSheer: Tuu's wife, KluYa's mother, narrator of White Cloud Legacy much later on, a powerful Kammiian "witch" (Oracle/Recorder/Historian) of Cydonia Castle, resides in the top of the building.

Sir TuuYaPen RedSheer: KluYa's (and Fu's) father, doesn't get along with Tae all to well or his older brother Noi, but can tolerate Jack, surprisingly, though shockingly, has slight anger problems.

FuSoYa RedSheer: Rose's and Tuu's oldest son, wise for his young age, loves reading and long walks, the father of Xiao.

KluYa RedSheer: Fu's younger "brother", father of Cecil and Golbez, cousin-ish to Anthony and Trinity Cross, former husband of the Rainbow Goddess Cecilia, gold ranked engineer (after graduating from the Academy) and the Seer of his peoples.

NoiDarrLoia: Ted's father, famous writer and artist, friends with Jack and Sam, loves his father very much, worries about his son ofen, is scared for Tuu's mental safety and sanity.

JaeZellLoia: Noi's wife, a great cook and house cleaner, worries for Ted because of his habits and Klu because of his Seer powers.

Ted Loia (TilPenD): Klu's cousin, who takes after their grandfather, by that he drinks as much as him, maybe more so, wants to become the best engineer in all of Kammiea and far beyond it one day.

Prince ZeMus Higurashi: Klu's, Ted's, and Marry's best friend, dreams of being a pilot since childhood, (eventually) Peache's boyfriend/husband, has really high respects towards the Silver Goddess herself: Kalea.

Marry Shy (MarrYiKuu): friend of Ted and KluYa, has a big crush on Klu, but doesn't say anything about it, loves writing fantasy stories, Noi is her biggest idol.

PeacheClie: ZeMus's girlfriend/wife, mother of their son, Dill [DillOnn] (Still working on him, and Matt too though), and worries about Ze's relationship with his father: Jack, more than she lets on, loves nature.

SuNoKiiiSo: A dear old friend of PeacheClie's from her former childhood neighborhood.

RicDoNai: Ra's and Xai's only son, able to summon the White Kammiian Dragons of Old Legends, but how is unknown, some say he is cursed, yet others blessed, regardless his powers are still untrained.

Kammey LaNiii: Ted's love interest/classmate/friend, loves baking stuff and sewing.

Leon Halle (LiiChuPenD): Son of FuSoYa, older brother of Xiao (Yup, Xiao of Dark Cloud 1, in this she's a ~cute~ kid) and later on (White Cloud Legacy) he's an engineer, but not as good as Ted and KluYa, it seems, maybe, does not have strong magical abilities.

Xiao KiShia: Leon's younger sister, one of Kalea's Immortal Guardians later on in time (during White Cloud Legacy itself, is from Dark Cloud 1 originally) loves fish anything.

Amie KiShia: Fu's beautiful, yet energetic, Nekoen wife, and skilled Warrior of a distant cat people filled world from Fantasy: The Yellow Light Dimension, is some what clumsy.

FickleLaNoo: ZeMus's rival during the Pilot Training classes, hates SamuelYoiKa for some unknown reason, yet won't say anything about it to his "parents" or friends.

Professor LaaTeaSo: The "genius" teacher of the Engineering classes and caretaker of the Academy's large floating gardens, wife of the Principal: Dr. So.

Light is Eternity Cast:

☆☆ Solera Moonlight ☆☆
Prince Seda Higurashi
Prince TilLoia
Lord Jacklet Woodsborn
Princess Stellalena NiiSae
King JimmLoia
Queen Josephine Higurashi
Princess Julia StanNaShii
King Angelo NiiSae
Queen Lucia NiiSae/Mistress Lily Oatsworth
♧♧ Queen HelenaLoia/Renee Pendragon ♧♧
Seleneity Ruby "Selene" Oatsworth
Chief Mike DuWell Oatsworth

White Cloud Legacy Cast:

Kalea Pearl Jade: The Silver Goddess of Alsatia, Lunar Royalty, Patroness Deity of the Kammiian peoples, has a connection to The Entity, somehow, but how is yet unknown, main heroine of the WCLS itself, loves cats.

King Seda Raybrandt
Toan Pendragon
Monica Raybrandt
Xiao KiShia
Maximilian "Max" Oatsworth
Cecilia Cross
Anthony Cross
Captain Corvell Bane Morris
Jack Raybrandt "Winters"

Seen in both stories:

Ace Cross

Theodore Jack Darklore: Is the Vampire Prince and the silver ranked captain of the Galactic Police Force, but although he's said to be an ass by those who know him well, but when he first meets Cain Oatsworth, he begins to question why he suddenly feels multiple emotions, when he shouldn't be able to at all or so he's long thought for all his life.

Cain Adam Oatsworth: Is a top gold ranked vampire slayer, werewolf halfling, who has been taught his whole life that all vampires and demons are pure evil, but when he falls deeply for a vampire who defies all sense and logic he begins to question everything he has ever learned since childhood.

Duke Ken Hansen
Lady Reina TealLeea
Lord Trinity Cross
Lordess Miia Cross

Psycho Keia Blaze
Dica Fae Dellaciio
The Generals
Lilith (Lilium) Ceno

Worlds/Dimensions List:

Green Terra

Blue Gaia

Kammiea (Yellow Moon Island)

My Stories/Series:

Light is Eternity

White Cloud



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