I'm Rose, an aspiring writer, an avid reader, and a hack-job artist.
Warning: I have too many figments for my own good. Enter at your own risk!

Author Information

Gender: Female
Age: 18 going on 19
Location: USA, Midwest (WISCONSIN!)
Dimension/World/Nation Name: Gaelach Moons, Ledgend, Aseiria and Vaniria, O.Earth, and others
Story Title(s): Gaelach Series, Four Hearts Series, The Legend of Aroga, Mercy, Cross, Strike, Aniators (pfft), Through the Darkness, Paradise and Prestige, and numerous others.

Figment List

Gaelach Moons

The Heroes of GM

The Women of GM

The Villians and Villianesses of GM

The Guardians (Non-Dark)

The Four Hearts

Sorrow's Cast

Rage's Cast

Regret's Cast

Terror's Cast

"The Choice" Additional Cast

"The End" Additional Cast


The War for Mythicalias

Other Ledgend

The Legend of Aroga

Asieria and Vaniria

The Fated Time Cast

Automaton Contingency Cast

The Key of Time Cast


The Resistance

The Imperials


Past Cast

World List


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