Raine E. Storms

Hello, I'm Raine. I don't have any real goals as a writer except to stay true to my figments and try to tell their stories to the best of my ability. My writings and figments have gone through many changes over the years, however the basis of who and what they are has never changed. My mind is a little chaotic so sometimes I have trouble getting my point across, however I do try my hardest to do so well.

Author Information

Gender: Female
Age: 20
Location: Connecticut US
Contact Information: moc.loa|2386redirnogard#moc.loa|2386redirnogard
Web Page: http://www.xirane.deviantart.com
Dimension Name: Altheria
Story Title(s): Celestial Chronicles, Twisted Path to the Stars, etc (others will be added)

About the Author

I began writing my stories when I was 8 years old. My first real figment came to mind when I was 9 or 10 and has gone through many changes (mostly name changes) over the years, but she still holds true to the ideals that she represented in the very beginning.

About my name: Raine is not my birth name, however it is my name. You may notice that I share this name with one of my figments. I was named after this figment by some friends when I worked at a summer camp, because they liked my character and her story so much. The name sort of stuck and has become my name ever since.

Warning: Prone to rambling… This author can also talk herself in circles for hours when she can't figure out what to say. This means that this page and all attached pages are subject to change.

NOTE: I am currently working on getting this cleaned up, and getting more of my figments actually written out. These pages are all under heavy construction and so are subject to change. I'm sorry for any inconvenience it causes.

Figment List

Characters of Altheria

Celestial Chronicles

Twisted Path to the Stars

Of Bloodshed and Mercy (name subject to change)

Other characters

The Phoenixes

Characters From Other Worlds


Another World


Worlds of the NS4W/Ragnarok Arc

World: Altheria




CRO Characters:


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