I'm Maracate, but you can call me Mara. I've got a lot of figments…. Most of which don't have any purpose and probably never will. But the ones that are important need to be kept track of. And since I can't read my own handwriting, this is a good place for them.

Author Information

Gender: Female
Age: 15
Location: New England
Contact Information: moc.oohay|000_taht_ekil_tsuJ#moc.oohay|000_taht_ekil_tsuJ
Web Page: My DA
Dimension/World/Nation Name: Tuore Phapura
Story Title(s): The Goddess Apprentices, Between the Worlds, The Green Woman, Dragon's Curse, Webs, Project Zero, Siren's Song, Halflings

About the Author

I am scatterbrained (to put it nicely). I'm well known for ending a story before it really gets going, only to take it up again months later and change all the key points to it. I don't even finish it….. I just kinda stop. I'm also not to great at sitting still for long periods of time, so typing doesn't come well. Though reading/drawing is a completely different story…. unless I'm being forced to…
But…. Yeah. I'm also horribly self-conscious, so if I comment on something, I'm probably immediately going to regret it….

Figment List

The Goddess Apprentices

Between the worlds

The Green Woman

Dragon's Curse


Project Zero

Siren's Song


World List


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