KJ is to blame for the existence of the KoH and RS figments, and probably a great many other things.


Author Information

Gender: female
Age: 21
Web Page: deviantART gallery
Dimension Name: the Compass
Story Titles: Rising Storm; King of Hearts; the Morian Trilogy

About the Author

KJ is a steak-eating ex-angstmuffin with a thousand stories to tell. Her main projects are King of Hearts, a former webcomic turned novel, and its prequel, Rising Storm, about wars and strange legacies in the moonless world of the Compass. She mostly keeps her figments on a leash, but some have been known to amble about in public.

KJ's stories don't follow the classic fantasy bent, or contain magic or people who are particularly special in any way. They're rather vanilla, in some ways. Watch as KJ resists the urge to load them up with stats and super powers for the sake of the competition they're about to have!


Rising Storm

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King of Hearts

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  • Telion Cordracone
  • Joi Cadion
  • Cat Bladesen
  • Max Hamilton
  • Song Hamilton
  • Min Hamilton
  • Jolene Inovar
  • Kalessa Deyorne
  • Tatheran "Tath" Inovar
  • Westley Kitanney
  • Jehan the Thief
  • Michael the Bartender
  • Hal "Sky" Cavorne
  • Elizabeth Saran Rose

The Morian Trilogy

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  • Icarus
  • Colby
  • James Fairfax
  • Ashbird
  • Julian
  • Ceci
  • Hazel
  • Charlie
  • Absalom


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