Kikkia Jade Lacie

Hello there, I'm Kikkia Jade Lacie a small Fairy Princess who controls Time, Ice. For many years now I have been trying to
figure out stuff about my Comic but soon has learned that I really need to type my stuff down, so here I am.
I, myself can not even guess what my Comic is going to about so please wish me the very best of luck! ^^

Name: Kikkia Jade Lacie
Gender: Female
Age: 19 (At least over billions of years old.)
Height: 4'7''
The Place I Live At: The Rose Manor
Current World: Terra
Story's Name: Clash of the Heoes (parts I-V)

The whole cast is shown here, down below.

The Clash of the Heroes I-V Main Cast:
+Kikkia Jade Lacie/Sailor Silver Platinum
+Ace Harvey
+Theodore Jack Hansen
+Adam Oatsworth
+Dico Dellaciio
+Serenity/Sailor Cosmos
+Alice Oatsworth/Sailor Pink Rose
?Anthoney Hansen
-Pyscho Keia
-Dica Dellaciio
-Duke~The King of Darkness
-Dave Hansen
-Mike Oatsworth

The Supporting Cast:
+Draco Rye
+Connie Monroe
+Lady Rose Redsheer
?Lily Oatsworth/Sailor Waterfall
?Jasmine Hansen/Sailor Red Death

Important Worlds:

About parts 1-5:
=Clash of the Heroes III/IV

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