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Jamie is often seen using the handle Lilium or Lilium Noir, and is an author of fanfiction as well as original fiction.


Author Information

Gender: Female
Age: 24
Location: Shelton, WA, USA
Contact Information: liliumnoir AT gmail.com
Web Page: Deviant Art Account
Dimension Name: N/A
Aliases: Jeishii, Cardinal Syn (fanfiction.net) and Lilium are the most common
Story Title(s): The as-of-yet-unnamed Adventures of Figment Lilium and Her Friends in Alternate Universes, Dimensional Whiplash, Eldritch, various unnamed character stories

About the Author

Jamie has spent a lot of her creative time working on fanfiction and characters developed specifically for pre-existing worlds, such as the Sailormoon universe, the Marvelverse, and the Vampire Hunter D universe. She also has her own stories and characters, but nothing ever gets finished. Including the fanfiction. Some of her figments are the AU versions of herself, which she has created a complex (or not-so-complex) way of linking together. She also has a tendency to overuse the name Lilith and its alternates (Lilin, Lilium, Lily, Lilian). Some are self-based, while others are not.

Figment List

This section is listed by character groupings, namely metastories or worlds, and listed character name - story (as applicable). Some figments may fit into multiple categories.

The Liliums


Final Fantasy IV

Katekyo Hitman Reborn


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