Hi! I'm Azalea, and I have way too much to keep track of. Hoping this helps me with some of it.


Author Information

Gender: Female
Location: Ten places at once.
Contact Information:
Web Page: My Deviantart account
Dimension Name: I don't know if I have a name yet. I'll put one here when I know.
Story Title(s): Against the Zombie Vegetables, Kiya's Adventures (which I will rename eventually), Tenir's Past (also TBR), Fantasy Parody Adventure, Dreamtale, Lifestories of Losers, other things yet to come I'm sure.

About the Author

If you want to provide extra information about yourself…
Do I? I'm a crazy girl who likes reading, writing, singing, music, drawing, making stuff in general, and way more. Waaay more.

Odd as it is sometimes, I love to be up high. Standing on walls is fun, or on pillars, or ladders, or trees, or anything above the ground. The wind is really refreshing (when it's not freezing). What does this have to do with anything, I don't know. But I want a hang glider.

This page is of course, unfinished, and many figment pages are not put together yet.

Figment List

Against the Zombie Vegetables - Living on the Blue Planet

Against The Zombie Vegetables/Kiya's Adventures/Tenir's Past

Against The Zombie Vegetables - From Thery

Against The Zombie Vegetables/other - From Ashe

Multi-World Figments - the ones who don't stay put/don't have a set universe


Emily vs. Goblins (Dreamtale)

Lifestories of Losers


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