This page attempts to detail out all of my major and minor figments throughout all of my storylines: Wayrift, Darkstar, Dreigiau and Shimmer. The information here will be listed as up to date as possible and will contain spoiler information. So beware!


Author Information

Gender: Female
Age: 33
Location: South Carolina, USA
Contact Information: moc.rr.cs|nerwyA#moc.rr.cs|nerwyA
Web Page: Sygnus.org
Dimension Name: Darkstar Dimension
Story Title(s): Dreigiau, Shimmer, Coming of the Darkstar, Wayrift

Wayrift Figment List

Blue Planet (Darkstar Realms)

Kingdom of Baron

Blue Planet (Blue Star Realms)

Kingdom of Baron

Borderlands Cottage

Shimmer Figment List

Darkstar Figment List

Dreigiau Figment List


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