Almonihah is a name which seems to crop up frequently in my writings. I don't remember if I used it first for myself or one of my characters. Of course, I now use it mostly for myself and for the only other Almonihah that has survived, Almonihah Zrathanzon (usually just Almonihah, or A.Z. when I need to keep him seperate from myself). As for myself, I am an journeyman Technomancer (i.e. software developer), and, like many who specialize in said branch of Magick, I am inexplicably drawn to Fantasy and Science Fiction. My worlds are many, although most are but brief sparks, flaring up and then fading away. My current world, and one whose spark I intend to catch, feed, and fan into a sustainable flame, is Draezoln.

Author Information

Gender: Male
Age: Mid 20's
Location: Depends on the day and which book I'm reading or which game I'm playing
Contact Information: moc.liamg|hahinomlA#moc.liamg|hahinomlA

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