Greetings and salutations. I am known as Aldraia.
Lately I have noticed a tendency in my writing to focus on themes of fate and destiny -specifically, the question of whether they exist and whether prophecy negates free will.


Author Information

Gender: Female
Age: Nineteen
Location: Somewhere between dreams and truth, looking for a path.
Dimension/World/Nation Name: The Moon-Kin Dimension; The Realms of the Dragons
Story Title(s):
Moon-Kin: Battle Worthy; Distant Dream; Crystal War; Children Caught; Son of the Right Hand; Moon-Kin
Dragon Realms:
The First World: Dragon Spheres; Together Divided; War of Return
Mistworld: Mistborn; Mistlost
Curseworld: Moon of Secrets
Nexus World: Starlight; Moonshine
Temanikami: Temanikami
Gateworld: Siblings; Sisterhood; Succession
Darkshadow World: Accursed; The Shadow of the Storm; Anticurse

About the Author

I love reading. It was that, really, that led me to be a writer.



(division by time period)

Crystal Wars:

Five Kings' Reign:

Red Moon's Return:

Realms of the Dragons

(division by world or category)

The Six High Powers:


The Realms of the Dragons


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