Eventually I hope to include the various named characters of the two major comics/stories I'm trying to work on, and potentially more. Possibly some world and place information.


Author Information

Gender: Lady
Age: 30
Location: Texas
Contact Information: AIM: Twilakam
Web Page: [http://akamar.deviantart.com]
Dimension Name: I'll have to think on this one…
Story Title(s): Ashen Nights, Blind Horizon, Child of Lunacy, a couple dozen spin off stories, and more unnamed ones.

About the Author

I'm a former animation student who's presently trying to figure out what to do with my life and how to get out of the place I've gotten stuck. I particularly crafty and artsy, and have lately been spending a lot of time making hair clips called tsumami hana kanzashi.

I'm not overly girly, but I can have my fits of it.

Can't really think of anything else….

Figment List

Still to come. Hold on to the britches….


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