Hailing for the strange and savage lands of French-Canadia and armed with an unhealthy amount of immaturity and snark, the wild Abyrae (also knows as simply 'Rae) is the type of unusual creature who has too many ideas in her head, but very little time to do anything constructive about them. Her diet includes a lot of sugar. Sleep, destroying her eardrums while listening to loud rock and metal, and drawing occupy most of her free time when she is not busy being a starving artist and retail slave.


Author Information

Gender: Female
Age: Legal everywhere
Location: Sherbrooke, QC, Canada
Contact Information: moc.liamg|DarakaT#moc.liamg|DarakaT
Art: deviantART
Blog: Tumblr
Dimension Name: The 'Raeverse
Story Title(s): 'Rae's Unnamed FFIV Saga, Serenis, The Outrider Chronicles

About the Author

'Rae is an insane French-Canadian who likes to speak about herself using the third person. She is addicted to cats, music, Pepsi, and videogames, particularly Final Fantasy IV, hence why most of the 'Raeverse figments are evolving in the FFIV world. Her figments, especially the male ones, are renowned for Bringing Sexy Back (TM).

She will be the local crazy cat lady who lives alone in a small house with lots of cats, sitting on her porch and yelling at them kids to get off her lawn when she gets old.

All pages created by 'Rae will eventually list a lot of stuff. They are perpetual works in progress. There will likely be many spoilers, and since 'Rae is such a procrastinator/has a terrible memory, she probably won't mark all of them, so read at your own risk.

Figment List

Due to the fact there are many characters on this page, the names have been put into collapsible lists to make the navigation easier.

'Rae's Unnamed FFIV Saga

This originally started as an unpublished fanfic centering around the character Kain Highwind from Final Fantasy IV, and then it expanded from there. In a state of continual rewrite, it is still uncertain if 'Rae will ever post any chapters on fanfiction.net or something. If she ever does, you can expect a better summary than this one, as well as a description in the Stories section.


'Rae's new pet project, featuring a story in a 100% original world with 100% original characters. It will eventually become a comic, although it hasn't been decided yet if it will be a webcomic or an actual comic in book form (or both!). Better summary forthcoming. Also spawned the prequel story Vanishing Promise, which is slowly but surely being written every year during NaNoWriMo.

The Outrider Chronicles

An abandoned webcomic project. It would have been the tale of a diplomat, a scientist, two soldiers, a ranger, an anthropomorphised mouse, a catgirl, some huge creature-thing, and the people who love and/or hate them. Will never be released because the scenarist was 'Rae's ex and she no longer speaks to him because he's a pathetic human being.


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