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Gender: Femme
Location: Texas, United States
Contact Information: aa-chan AT naetherium dot net
Web Page: | nintendohime@devArt
Aliases: Aa-chan, April-chan, Appuu, Polomu
Story Title(s): [wip]

About the Author

Aa-chan (better known as April, Polomu, or Appuu) is a CPhT that has loved Final Fantasy IV since she was approximately 7 years old, and is obsessed with Goombas (or "Kuriboh") from Super Mario. While not toiling her life away in a state known as "Retail H*ll" she enjoys writing stories *(fanfiction and fiction), drawing manga, and updating her devArt account with random bouts of images.

Aa-chan has also spent a lot of her free time creating stories, artworks, and fan characters for worlds such as Final Fantasy IV, Super Mario Bros., and Harvest Moon. She writes original fiction, but doesn't post much.

She's set on completing at least character bios and worlds to help jumpstart her brain for writing and drawing… for now.

Figment List

Final Fantasy IV

Super Mario Bros.

Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns

Crossover: Final Fantasy IV & Harvest Moon: ToTT

Crossover: Final Fantasy VI & Harvest Moon: ToTT

Original Characters

Story List

Webcomic (Status: Time permissible)

Webcomic (Status: Probable; Current Backburner)

Webcomic (Status: Discontinued; No current interest to work on)

Original Fiction

Worlds List


Original Fiction


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