Anthoney Hansen

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Author: Kikkia Jade Lacie
Name: Anthoney Hansen
Nicknames: The Black Beast of Death
Race: An Immortal full Pureblooded Vampire
Gender: Male
Age: 33*
Date of Birth: Nov. 2nd, on a Wensday
Pets: A male Demon flesh eating dog, name Death Spike
Place of Origin: The Red Light Dimension, Realm of Evil
Currently Located: Unknown
Height: 7'0''
Weight: 250 lbs.
Hair Color: Black, with Gold highlights in his bangs
Eye Color: Dim Puple-ish Red
Occupation: Black Knight
Likes: Nothing
Appears In: Clash of the Heroes (I-V)

Bio: As for Anthoney, ever since his mother's sudden disappearance he has been labled as missing also in the old Demon record books.
Anthoney is also very afraid of both his own brother and very mean but yet evil father.

Special Attacks:
He can also read peoples' minds, like his younger brother and mother

Special Items:
Items' Names: None

***I Already changed his age before hand so I won't have to later.

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